• Q: What is Small Wind?

    A: Small Wind is classified as 100 Kw or less.

  • Q: Can anyone use a Turbine?

    A: No, because some homes have too many trees around their property in which distorts the winds path and diminishes the wind power. On the other hand, any commercial high-rise, structure and/or house that sits on a flat plain surface would benefit highly from a wind turbine.

  • Q: Why is wind speed important?

    A: Power is extracted from wind to make watts by m/s (.44704)x wind speed, so 13mph wind=5.81152 m/s per second. Then take .0006 x 5.81152 m/s³  = 117.7 watts per m/s.


    RTB Solutions Inc. turbines can be 100% efficient with as low as 13 mph wind speed and of course we could go lower but the cost becomes much higher.

  • Q: Is there any funding available for turbines?

    The US Government offers a 30% tax credit and there are some that can qualify for loans.

  • Q: Can you generate the same power in one unit versus a wind farm?

    A: Yes, RTB Solutions Inc. has a 100 megawatt unit that can generate enough power to provide enough energy for 400,000 homes at 100% efficiency.  We have not built it yet, but we will.

  • Q: What are the turbines made of?

    A: Steel and Aluminum

  • Q: Approximately, how much space would I need to be eligible to purchase one?

    A: Space is just a small part, it’s the trees and other structures that distorts the wind and robs it of it power.

  • Q: How long does a turbine last?

    A: Our 10Kw VAWT only has 3 moving parts so well over 20 years.

  • Q: How fast do the blades of your turbine turn?

    A: A VAWT blade can only go as fast as the wind. Were traditional 3 blade turbine can have a tip speed of 10x the wind speed they can get very loud.

  • Q: How is electricity measured?

    A: By the hour, so 100w light bulb in ½ hour used 50w.

  • Q: How much electricity can one turbine generate?

    A:Vestas v164  9MW.  RTB Solutions Inc will see

  • Q: How does a wind turbine produce electricity?

    A: The kinetic energy of the wind is then turned into mechanical power and then into electricity.

  • Q: What happens when the wind stops blowing?

    A: You stop making electricity.

  • Q: How much energy does the normal household use? And will one turbine be enough for a household?

    A: 1000kwh per month. A 5kw will do the job.

  • Q: What are the environmental benefits of using turbines?

    A: The digging, pumping of fossil fuels then burning them is killing Mother Earth.

  • Q: Are wind turbines noisy?

    A: RTB  VAWT is about 68 dba standing next to it,  Traditional 3 blade turbines 105dba and at 500 meters away 40dba they loud.

  • Q: Is electricity from wind more expensive than fossil fuels?

    A: No, not even close.

  • Q: How long does it take to build your unit on my property?

    A: One-week but the whole process is three-months or less.

  • Q: What is the process for purchasing your wind turbine?

    A: 50% down then we get the permit, then 25% then we build when finished 25%.

  • Q: How long has wind energy been around for?

    A: 1888 in Cleveland, Ohio by Charles F. Brush.

  • Q: What is a wind turbine?

    A: It captures the kinetic energy of wind to make electricity, pump water, etc.

  • Q: What can a wind turbine be used for?

    A: Make electricity, pump water, etc.

  • Q: Is wind energy right for me?

    A: Call, or email and we can google earth your place in mind.

  • Q: How often does RTB Solutions Inc. check on my unit?

    A: we put 3year grease self feeders on all bearings, and you can get a maintenance plan.

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